We assure Respect

We respect people, diversity, and the environment

For Salini Impregilo, adopting high protection standards for social and environmental issues is a priority and allows the Group to stand out in the global infrastructure market.

Occupational Health and Safety

Salini Impregilo recognizes the fundamental importance of occupational health and safety, and ensures the protection and welfare of its employees and third parties in all activities, both in the offices and at the worksites.

The effective management of occupational health and safety is ensured at every worksite by a team of dedicated staff engaged in the risk assessment, planning and implementation of health and safety measures, the active involvement of all direct staff and subcontractors through information and training activities, as well as the operational monitoring of the construction work.

By adopting the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified to the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, Salini Impregilo has achieved significant results over the years, including an increased safety awareness by employees, a significant reduction in accidents at work and the prevention of occupational diseases, with a consequent reduction in insurance and compliance costs.

In 2016, the Injury Rate (IR) [5] amounted to 0.65, [6] highlighting a further decrease compared to 2015 (-13%), while the Lost Day Rate (LDR) [7] was 18.63, almost unchanged compared to 2015 [8].

Respect for human rights

Salini Impregilo recognizes the importance of human rights and is committed to ensuring that they are respected while carrying out its activities. The Group supports the rights enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization conventions.

In line with the provisions of the Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights of the United Nations, in 2016 the Group conducted a complete mapping of the human rights impacts potentially arising from its activities. This mapping led to the definition of an action plan that will be implemented from 2017, aimed at formalizing the good management practices that have already been adopted by the Group in the countries where it operates, and to further improve the level of protection.

The Group is committed to providing its workforce with favourable working conditions and respect for each worker's dignity, without discrimination of gender, origin, religion, age, political orientation, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristics protected by applicable laws in the countries in which the Group operates.

Environmental protection

Salini Impregilo's track record attests to the Group's commitment to reducing environmental impacts resulting from construction activities and offering maximum transparency to its stakeholders regarding environmental issues, mitigation activities, and the achieved performance.

Ecological footprint

The main environmental data for 2016 is shown below. For more details, please check Performance Data.



[5]The Injury Rate (IR) represents the number of injuries that occur per 100 employees, and is calculated as a ratio of the total number of injuries with a prognosis exceeding 3 days occurring in the period (including deaths) to the total number of hours worked, multiplied by 200,000. The reported Injury Rate (IR) relates to the total workforce (direct employees and subcontractor staff).
[6]A useful benchmark is the IR value of 1.00, published by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) for the "Heavy and civil engineering construction" sector for 2015 (index for cases of accidents with lost days of work).
[7] The Lost Day Rate (LDR) represents the number of working days lost per 100 employees and is calculated as the ratio of the total number of days lost (related to injuries with a prognosis exceeding 3 days) to the total of hours worked, multiplied by 200,000. The Lost Day Rate (LDR) reported refers to the total workforce (direct employees and subcontractor staff).
[8]The accident indexes relating only to direct employees in 2016 were 0.82 (IR) and 24.35 (LDR). The accident indexes relating to subcontractors are provided in section 3.3.