We promote Transparency

We promote ethical, open and transparent conduct with all our stakeholders

Salini Impregilo is committed to conducting its business in an efficient manner, ensuring the highest level of transparency towards its stakeholders. This commitment starts with the corporate governance system, which is aligned with the highest international standards and best practices, including an active and direct dialogue with all categories of the Group's stakeholders, both internal and external.

Active dialogue with stakeholders

110 years of experience have shown us how much a constant and trasparent dialogue is a key factor in the success of our business.

This is why we have established a structured approach for identifying our stakeholders, assessing their expectations, and defining the most appropriate dialogue methods.


  Level of interaction Area of interest Duration of the relationship


International Local Economic Governance Social Environmental Community Long term Medium term Duration of the project Ad-hoc


Employees & Trade Unions                      
Shareholders & Investors                      
Clients & Potential Clients                      
Suppliers, Contractors, Subcontractors & Partners                      
Local Communities & NGOs                      
Governments & Public Administrations                      
Trade Associations & the Media                      


Our dialogue and engagement practices are diversified and flexible, in response to the different characteristics and needs of our stakeholders.

At the corporate level, key stakeholders include investors, clients, current and potential employees, partners, public administrations, the media, and the general public. The dialogue with them is primarily concerned with development goals and strategies, the achieved results, and the corporate structure.

At the operational level, the main engagement activities relate to the characteristics of each specific project. Our key stakeholders in this context include partners, employees, local communities, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, clients, local authorities and organizations such as trade unions and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

As in previous years, in 2016 we carried out a number of dialogue and engagement activities with our stakeholders.



Local and global stakeholders of Salini Impregilo

Face-to-face communication channels

Meetings, presentations, focus groups, workshops, interviews, consultations, career days, public events

Engagement activities in 2016

>6,200 people involved in about 400 meetings with local communities and their representative

>42,300 people hosted at our projects during 740 open-door events

>262,200 people involved in over 160 campaigns of information on our projects

Delta compared to 2015

involved people

open-door events

involved people


Digital communication channels

Company website, interactive reports, intranets, magazines, webinars, surveys, social media

Engagement activities in 2016

>8.5 million views on Group digital platforms [9]

Delta compared to 2015



The integration of Sustainability

To ensure an effective implementation of the Sustainability approach and priorities within the organisation, Salini Impregilo has developed an integrated framework that includes specific policies and management and control systems, in line with the main international standards and guidelines.

Salini Impregilo adopted:

Salini Impregilo is also a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. The Group has strengthened its commitment to human rights and workers' rights through an International Framework Agreement signed in 2014 with the national and international construction trade unions.




[9] Data refer to the visualization of the Group website, Online Reporting, Social Channels, Minisites and Intranet.