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We build infrastructure that lasts in time and promotes sustainable development for current and future generations

By adopting the United Nation's Agenda 2030 on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, three ambitious goals were defined globally: restarting economic growth, providing inclusive development, and fighting climate change.

Infrastructure projects built in accordance with sustainability criteria play a crucial role in achieving these goals and Salini Impregilo is a key partner in the global infrastructure market for public and private clients involved in realizing their own objectives and in the development of localities and their associated economies.


The role of infrastructures in support of
the SDGs

Our role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects are mainly aimed at developing local potential, fostering access to renewable natural resources such as water and hydroelectric power, people and vehicles travelling long distances, with road and rail projects, and within large urban centres, through sustainable mass transit systems (metro systems). Furthermore, Salini Impregilo implements projects aimed at improving public services, by developing hydraulic engineering infrastructure and civil and industrial construction.

With its projects, the Group creates basic infrastructure that directly contributes to the achievement of 5 SDGs: 6 (water management), 7 (sustainable energy for all), 9 (resilient infrastructure), 11 (sustainable cities), and 13 (fighting climate change).

In addition to the direct benefits on the SDGs, the Group's projects contribute indirectly to achieving further SDGs, such as goals 3 and 4 (respectively access to health and education), 8 (inclusive and sustainable economic growth), which in turn contribute to goals 1 (poverty), 2 (hunger and food safety), 5 and 10 (equality), 12 (sustainable production and consumption), 14 and 15 (protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems), as well as goals 16 and 17 (strengthening of institutions and cooperation).

Salini Impregilo Projects