Additionally, as a leading global infrastructure company, we have developed specialist, flexible engagement practices to respond to our stakeholders’ diverse needs. At a corporate level, our key stakeholders include investors, clients, current and potential employees, partners, governments, media and the public. We engage with them mainly on general issues such as the Group’s strategies, values, sustainability and development plans. 

At an operating level, our principal engagement activities relate to the features of a particular project. Our key stakeholders in this context include partners, employees, local communities, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, clients, local authorities, and organisations such as unions and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

In 2015, we held the below stakeholder activities, as part of our ongoing commitment to open dialogue

Our engagement efforts were recognised with various awards and accolades in 2015. Read more Accolades and Awards


Engagement with local communities

Transparency is fundamental in managing relationships with the communities living near our sites. Our engagement with communities is guided by fairness and respect for local cultures.

Working in partnership with our clients, we conduct communications campaigns to keep local people informed about how we are executing our projects and our progress to date.

We require our sites to establish dedicated communication channels with external stakeholders, both face-to-face (such as information offices at the site and/or next to it) and virtual, in the form of dedicated telephone help-lines and websites, for example. These channels allow us and our clients to maintain direct contact with local people, both providing information and gathering community feedback. Our site managers review their comments and observations, responding to any queries in line with specific procedures.