At the end of 2015, the Group’s Board of Directors comprised 14 members (including four women), 11 of whom meet the independence requirements, representing 78.6% of the Board.

The Board appointed the following four internal committees:

  • Executive Committee;
  • Control and Risk Committee;
  • Compensation and Nominating Committee;
  • Committee for Related-Party Transaction.

The Board of Directors also appointed an Integrity Board to help ensure that we apply and comply with Model 231 (required by Italian law) effectively.

An internal Sustainability Unit oversees social and environmental issues under the Compliance Director, who reports directly to the CEO and regularly meets the Control and Risk Committee, comprised of five independent Directors, to discuss results and new plans.

We communicate our sustainability strategy and results to analysts and stakeholders through this report and our corporate website. Similarly, our Investor Relations and Sustainability Units are in regular contact with investors and sustainability ratings agencies.

In 2015, Salini Impregilo launched a Performance Management pilot programme for approximately 120 senior employees, with the aim of reinforcing our results-driven culture. We structured the programme into two phases: defining objectives and evaluating performance.

The system comprised three objectives categories (company performance, department/unit performance, organisational behaviours) aligned with those of senior management. Each department and unit must strive to meet specific sustainability objectives.