We have therefore adopted an integrated digital communication strategy, based on a multi-channel and multi-stakeholder communication system, in order to respond to stakeholders’ needs effectively, convey information clearly and reach audiences within seconds.


@Work: our global intranet

For example, in 2015, we listened to our employees and optimised our global intranet tool, known as “@work” (launched in 2014), in line with their needs. We published multiple news updates, together with all our internal procedures and processes, as well as interactive organograms. We also made the “@work” platform more “social”, creating an online networking facility to help foster a more collaborative work environment. Additionally, we launched a video storytelling section called “Symphony of Values”, through which we aim to illustrate Salini Impregilo’s corporate values through real employee stories.

We are enabling our global employees to communicate and share information in real time via a new “virtual office”. In this way, we aim to help new joiners feel part of the company more quickly, create a consistent corporate culture worldwide, and share updates on our business strategy, as well as increasing efficiency. We also aim to engage and motivate employees, encouraging them to become “ambassadors” for the company, catalyse more interactive discussions and knowledge-sharing, and better understand employees’ needs.


The corporate website and the online magazine

We aim for our corporate website to be an authoritative source of information for our stakeholders and the industry. In 2015, we experienced more than 93,500 downloads and some 600,000 unique users from 200 countries.

In order to respond to stakeholder needs more efficiently, our website features dedicated micro-sites and other digital platforms, developed to address the needs of specific stakeholder groups. These platforms include, for example, an Investor Relations App that provides financial news and updates to analysts and investors in a simple direct way, interactive financial and sustainability reporting and a dedicated Panama Canal website. In 2015, all our web-based platforms received more than one million visits, with an increase of 35% year on year.

In October 2015, we launched an online news magazine, “We Build Value”, focusing on global economic trends, with a particular focus on the infrastructure industry. Additionally, we have stepped up our social media communications with stakeholders to promote further interaction and discussion. We have seen an increasing number of followers, with peaks of over 30% on Linkedin and Twitter in comparison with 2014.



We have won multiple awards for our internal communications, and for our global intranet “@work”, in particular, including recognition as one of Europe’s “Top Five Intranet sites” at the European Excellence Awards 2015. Our Group website was also named the “Best Improver 2015” award in Comprehend’s 2015 Webranking (gaining 25 places compared to 2014), which measures how Italy’s largest listed companies are meeting stakeholders’ expectations on terms of transparency and dialogue through digital channels.

Finally, we were also recognised among Italy’s Online Talent Communication 2016 rankings for our efforts to communicate with millennials online and via social media. For more information on our awards, please see 1.3 Recognition and Awards.

In 2016 we will continue to seek new ways to communicate our activities and performance using digital channels, also through the development of only-social projects, as well as through improving integration of financial and non-financial disclosure.