In 2015, we developed a comprehensive new Sustainability Policy outlining ten core principles to guide the behaviour of all our employees. We require our operating divisions to commit to adopting these principles, along with our Code of Ethics.

We are also a signatory to the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, and have thereby committed to align our operations and strategies with the UNGC’s ten principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Salini Impregilo further reinforced our commitment to human and labour rights through an International Framework Agreement signed by the Italian and International Construction Unions in 2014.

The Group has also voluntarily adopted an Integrated Management System in compliance with the ISO standards 9001 (for quality), 14001 (for the environment), and the OHSAS 18001 (for health and safety). All Group companies have implemented this system, and our conformance is verified by an independent external body.

Finally, Salini Impregilo has adopted an Anti-Corruption Compliance System, reinforcing the prevention and control structure defined by company procedures and by Model 231, a compliance scheme provided for by Italian law.


Sustainability Policy

The Group seeks to contribute to the economic development, social wellbeing and environmental protection of the countries where it works, by conducting its business according to the following principles:

  1. Ethics and responsibility

    Salini Impregilo is committed to operating throughout the world with integrity and in full compliance with the highest ethical, professional and legal standards, making economic, social and environmental considerations an integral part of its decision-making and control processes.

  2. Sustainable growth

    Salini Impregilo is committed to developing its large infrastructures business, in order to offer its clients high value-added products and services that help to improve the living conditions of the people and communities resident in areas where the Company operates.

  3. Shared development

    Salini Impregilo intends to grow by adopting a business model that creates value for shareholders and investors through the pursuit of financial strength, profitability and long-term sustainability.

  4. Excellence and innovation

    Salini Impregilo works actively with its partners to ensure that it makes the best planning decisions and uses the best available technological solutions, enabling it to meet client expectations in full.


  5. Employee protection and development

    Salini Impregilo is committed to creating stimulating and dynamic working environments, where priority is given to health and safety, respect for diversity and human rights and professional development, thereby enabling the Company to attract and retain the most talented resources, to ensuring the achievement of its present and future objectives.

  6. Supply chain engagement

    Salini Impregilo intends to promote the adoption of sustainability practices among its suppliers and sub-contractors, in order to drive continuous improvement in the overall performance of its work and to help spread the principles of sustainable development within the construction industry.

  7. Local socio-economic development

    Salini Impregtlo adopts a business model that is designed to contribute to growth in the areas where it operates, by creating jobs, offering professional training, using local suppliers, and pursuing capacity building and community support initiatives.

  8. Environmental protection

    Salini Impregilo adopts leading technical and organisational measures to mitigate any potential harm to the environment, helping to tackle major global environmental challenges through its work.

  9. Dialogue and transparency

    Salini Impregilo is committed to developing and maintaining stable, lasting relationships with its stakeholders, by listening to their legitimate expectations and adopting appropriate forms of engagement.

  10. Accountability

    Salini Impregilo is committed to publishing periodic sustainability reports, in line with leading international standards, providing stakeholders with prompt, accurate information about its main economic, environmental and social impacts.