We aim to be transparent with our stakeholders on all environmental issues, mitigation activities, and performance. In 2015, the Group entered the Italian Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) that comprises the top 10 companies involved in the CDP’s climate change programme. Salini Impregilo has obtained a 100/100 rating in that programme, having full disclosed on our strategy and governance, risk and opportunity management, as well as on management and verification of emissions.


Our environmental footprint

Here, we share our 2015 environmental performance data and progress against our KPIs. For more details, please refer to the Performance data section.

Managing our impact on the environment

Environmental considerations are an important focus in the development of every infrastructure project, given the close link between the project and its environment. For this reason, almost all legislations worldwide provide for the carrying out of Environmental (and recently also Social) Impact Assessments for infrastructure projects, through which projects’ proponents (typically our clients), environmental protection authorities, affected communities and funding agencies (if any) determine whether and under what conditions projects will proceed.

Once the project is approved, contractors are then responsible for preparing Environmental and Social Management Plans to address the impacts identified in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.

Salini Impregilo manages our worldwide activities according to a structured Environmental Management system that conforms to the ISO 14001 standard requirements. This table summarises the main activities completed at each stage of the system, based on the Life Cycle approach.


Protecting the environment

We have monitoring, control, and mitigation measures in place at all our sites to help protect the environment and prevent pollution. This table summarises the main activities completed at an operating level on key environmental issues.


Respecting local people and wildlife

We seek to operate construction sites with respect for surrounding communities and wildlife habitats, and are committed to minimising disruption to our neighbours (in the form of noise, traffic, and other community-related inconveniences).