Salini Impregilo has recently launched a programme aimed at creating a strong organisational health and safety culture, supported by our senior managers. Firstly, we aim to engage all employees at every site – managers, supervisors and workers, helping them to improve their attitude, behaviour and way of thinking. Additionally, to reach everyone in the organisation, we are creating credible, respected safety leaders.

Overall, we aim to improve safety through our leaders’ ability to influence workers’ behaviours, thereby moving from a compliance approach to encouraging employees to put safety at the heart of their daily work. We will first target managers, who will be responsible for sharing our health and safety values with their teams.


Interactive workshops for managers 

In order to set the initiative in motion, we will hold interactive workshops for managers to raise awareness of our safety vision and the theoretical and practical tools needed to implement it. We will also hold events to help share the key concepts of our safety vision with the entire workforce, and offer training courses for on-site personnel on the use of innovative safety tools. These allow anyone to intervene effectively in the event of unsafe situations, reinforcing good safety behaviours.

We launched the project in late 2015 in two pilot sites: the Cityringen Metro project in Copenhagen (Denmark), where we are building a new circular line in the city centre with 34 km of tunnels and 17 new stations, and the Sydney Metro Northwest project (Australia), where we are developing the “Skytrain” bridge and other civil works.