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Welcome from our CEO

Dear stakeholders,
2015 was a year of progressive evolution for Salini Impregilo. We grew as a global company, united by a common set of values, and stepped up our focus on creating resilient, high quality, sustainable infrastructure in a rapidly evolving world.

Infrastructure has always been fundamental to developing thriving economies and societies. Now, with two thirds of the global population expected to be living in cities by 2050, it is more crucial than ever. Indeed, the United Nation’s new Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, highlight the growing importance of our industry’s role in achieving sustainable development.

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Sustainibility Model


We build resilient, durable infrastructures, helping to promote sustainable economic growth
and development for the world’s rapidly growing urban population

Building shared growth

Salini Impregilo aims to develop infrastructure projects that act as catalysts for growth in the countries where we operate. We seek to support local suppliers, create jobs, promote skills and capacity building, boost national economies and enhance the well-being of local communities, while creating value for shareholders and investors.

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Creating resilient, sustainable infrastructureCreating infrastructure allows to secure an ongoing supply of natural resources such as water
Promoting low-carbon urban mobilityWe contribute to the development of solutions that address evolving population needs and resolve air pollution challenges in urban areas
>12,600 MWExpected renewable capacity from ongoing hydroelectric projects
>3 millionDaily passenger capacity expected from ongoing metro projects


Developing hydropower projects with a low environmental footprint in Malaysia

In Malaysia Salini Impregilo is completing the 382 MW Ulu Jelai hydropower project, a plant that will contribute to meet the increasing Malaysian peak electricity demand...

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We believe in competence and skill, in work that is well done
and capable of exceeding client’s expectations


Developing tomorrow’s engineering professionals

Transferring skills and knowledge to future generations is vital to our company’s ongoing success...

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Innovating to meet evolving needsWe aim to advance large-scale infrastructure construction worldwide, working in close collaboration with the entire value chain to ensure continuous innovation and client satisfaction
Fostering a strong supply chainTo ensure consistent quality levels and performance worldwide, we require our partners to conform to rigorous standards and rules, including ethical, social and environmental principles, along with respect for human rights.
>10Awards and recognitions related to 2015
>1 millionTraining hours provided to direct employees

Developing People for Growth

Our people are fundamental to our development and ongoing success. Their technical and managerial skills, as well as the expertise they gain on diverse projects worldwide are crucial to ensuring excellence in our operations and achieving the Group’s objectives.

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We promote an ethical, open and transparent conduct with all
our stakeholders

Ensuring Transparent Governance

Throughout all our activities, we aim to achieve optimum efficiency and the highest levels of transparency towards stakeholders. This begins with our governance system, which adheres to respected international standards of business practice.

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Conducting business with integrityFor Salini Impregilo, balancing commercial goals with a solid work ethic and maintaining integrity is integral to the way we do business.
Promoting fair relationsAs a leading global infrastructure company, we have developed specialist, flexible engagement practices to respond to our stakeholders’ diverse needs.
>86,700People engaged at project level
>1 millionGlobal stakeholders engaged through digital platforms


Communicating with global stakeholders in a digital world

Technological innovation is central to communicating effectively with our stakeholders, from connecting...

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We respect people, diversity and the environment.


Enhancing local skills while improving safety performance in Ethiopia

Creating large-scale projects such as hydropower plants in developing countries poses significant challenges. These range reaching remote, rural areas with support...

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Promoting employee well-beingSalini Impregilo is committed to providing optimal working conditions for our entire workforce, with the aim of improving employees’ quality of life, and fostering a good work/life balance.
Protecting the environmentSalini Impregilo has a longstanding commitment to lowering the environmental impact of our construction activities
-14%Injury Rate compared with 2014
-14%GHG emissions intensity rate

Promoting health and safety

Salini Impregilo recognises the critical importance of occupational health and safety in ensuring the protection and welfare of employees and third parties across all activities at its offices or construction sites. We aim to minimise or eliminate the risk of accidents through rigorous prevention protocols.

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Sustainability Report 2015