Our priorities are:

  • Enhancing our people’s skills and competencies, through development and training programmes for consolidating and transferring skills among our employees;
  • Attracting and nurturing talented people, with a focus on graduates and young professionals through employer branding programmes and partnerships with educational institutions. In this way, we are fostering a strong future workforce and ensuring business continuity.

By the end of 2015, Salini Impregilo employed 30,598 direct employees worldwide [1], 41% of whom were under 30 and 10% were women. The majority of our workforce is based in Africa, followed by the Middle East and Europe.


Enhancing our people’s skills and competencies

We are firmly committed to creating a work environment that enhances individual capabilities and helps our employees to fulfil their potential, while developing the competencies we need to succeed. In this way, we empower our people to contribute to achieving our collective goals.

We believe that an ongoing training schedule is vital for our employees, and for the Group’s future. For this reason, we develop and implement annual training activities with a view to consolidating and developing the key skills we need to excel in professional standards, performance, and results.

We also invest in the development of professionals in the areas where we work, in order to build strong, skilled workforces for local projects and other future initiatives.

In 2015, we provided more than 147,000 hours of training for the Group’s managers and staff, both at our head office and on site, equal to an average of approximately 21 hours per individual (16 hours in 2014).


Fostering a strong global learning culture

In 2015, we launched the Salini Impregilo Learning Academy, with the aim of promoting a new training model capable of strengthening existing skills and expertise, and sharing knowledge throughout the organisation.

Carefully selected internal trainers are running “Train the trainers” workshops to help improve the consistency of our educational methods and training materials, creating the academy’s first faculty team. 

During the year, the Learning Academy conducted its first international training programme on Administration, Finance and Control issues. Some 200 financial and non-financial Group managers attended, gaining practical tools to participate proactively in the business.

The Learning Academy complements our existing training programmes, which include induction training on Group policies and procedures for all new employees; courses on legal and regulatory compliance; training and knowledge-sharing courses tailored to employees’ assigned tasks; and institutional and language learning programmes. We hold all these activities either at our construction sites or head office, through face-to-face lessons, e-learning platforms and blended training methods.

We will launch a new e-learning platform in 2016, empowering our employees to learn regardless of geographical or logistical barriers. The platform will cover diverse themes, including an orientation section aimed at supporting new employees, teaching them strategic corporate processes and procedures, and providing information on our organisation. 


Developing local skills and expertise

Ensuring excellence in all our operations requires that our entire workforce, including unskilled workers, is well trained to perform in compliance with our stringent technical, quality, environmental, health and safety standards. 

In addition to maintaining high employment standards and running health initiatives, our sites provide extensive skills training programmes for the local workforce. In 2015, we provided nearly 874,600 training hours to our workers globally, which is equal to an average of approximately 37 hours per individual (22 hours in 2014).

Our commitment to building local employment capacity has been officially rewarded by local authorities and governments, given the important contribution that vocational training plays in fostering local welfare and growth, particularly in developing countries such as Ethiopia, where we regularly receive encouragement by authorities to continue building the capacity of local people.

Combined with managers and staff training, the total hours provided in 2015 amounted to over 1 million hours, 45% more than in 2014.


Attracting and nurturing talented people

We continuously invest in developing people, attracting the best talent and offering our employees well-defined development paths. In 2015, we launched a campaign to recruit, train and develop 100 young students from among the top performers in the Italian Engineering Faculties, creating a pool of “Tomorrow’s Builders”. In this way, the combination or existing technical expertise with new energy brought by talented young people will continue to be one of the driving forces of our growth worldwide.


Collaborating to help graduates forge a career in construction

We believe in helping young people fulfil their potential. For this reason, in collaboration with leading universities, we promote specialised programmes connected to the key activities of our business.

In 2015, we began collaborating with Milan's Polytechnic, an outstanding academic partner for specialist training and integrating recent graduates into the professional world. We helped to adapt an existing Masters degree course, inaugurating the first edition of the "International Construction Management" first and second Level Masters in early 2016. The course is designed to attract international students interested in starting careers in the infrastructure sector. It also enables graduates to gain practical knowledge of both the industry and our business, through training provided by our employees and ‘on the job’ activities.

The new Masters courses also presents an important opportunity for internal knowledge- sharing, while our employees will have access all the Master’s materials through our new e-learning platform.


Attracting world-class students

By attracting talented students, we are able to build and grow stable relations with potential employees. Salini Impregilo defines strategic agreements with the most respected Italian and international universities, in order to identify and recruit the most talented individuals in the local and international labour market. We foster their development and professional growth through tutoring and/or curricular internship programmes for top performers.

In 2015, the Group conducted some focused employer branding and talent attraction activities both in Italy and in other strategic countries. Through several career fairs, recruiting days, thematic workshops and site visits, we met thousands of students and recent graduates. We offered them tutoring and information about the construction sector, and selected the most talented people.

We also forged a new partnership with the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), Europe’s leading student engineering association, through which we held various recruiting and tutoring initiatives.

In addition, we are attracting young people through digital and social communication, implementing an integrated online talent communication system in order to engage positively with potential new recruits.

In 2016, Salini Impregilo was named among the "Top 20" in Italy’s "Best Employer of Choice" ranking (a survey of more than 2,500 recent graduates), winning the "Best New Entry 2016" title. Accolades and awards

[1] Please refer to Building Shared Growth, Creating Employment - Footnote 2