Around the world, our workforce receives a series of benefits in addition to personal compensations, including social security, financial benefits (healthcare, life insurance, and extra-employment injury insurance) as well as other in-kind benefits, starting from healthcare facilities and canteens to accommodation, company cars, and so forth, depending on job location and position.


Healthcare system

The Group’s health service is the flagship of the welfare system provided to our workforce worldwide. It comprises a special medical team at headquarters that plans and develops everything that concerns health issues, from disease prevention and control procedures to health surveillance programmes, from information campaigns to inspections at operating sites.

The team also coordinates the medical facilities at all Group’s sites outside Italy, which provide 24-hour medical and ambulance services to both direct and indirect employees – as well as their family members and local people – for any acute or serious medical matters.

Doctors responsible for the operating sites regularly offer local personnel training courses and provide information to local communities on improving environmental sanitation, promoting a healthy lifestyle, preventing the spread of endemic diseases (such as malaria), and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV and hepatitis). In 2014 over 950 training sessions were provided on these issues, involving some 20,000 individuals.

Moreover, our site clinics are in charge of regularly monitoring hygiene in the living quarters, canteens, as well as analysing drinking water, and ensuring pest-control services.

In 2014 Salini Impregilo employed around 150 medical staff worldwide. These qualified personnel carried out over 193,000 consultations, treated 174,000 cases, performed 9,000 medical check-ups, conducted 68,000 laboratory tests, and administered 3,500 vaccinations of varying kinds.

Healthcare interventions provided to direct and indirect personnel

Free-of-charge healthcare interventions provided to people from local communities

People involved in training activities on healthy lifestyle


Welfare and security at operating sites

We pay particular attention to the provision of proper living conditions for all our personnel, as well as integrity and security for staff employed in remote areas or challenging socio-environmental contexts.

Our efforts involve designing and building suitable and secure camps to accommodate workers and their families, equipped with facilities that include canteens, hospitals, fitness centres and athletics fields, markets, bars, and telecommunication systems.

Our major sites are also equipped with schools for employees’ children, in order to facilitate hosting families and attract young people on our most challenging projects. Lessons are carried out in a variety of languages by experienced teachers, and usually these schools receive official recognition from the local or international education authorities.

Our dedicated Village Chiefs are in charge also of arranging social activities for residents and guests, with the aim of making these villages as comfortable as possible.

Security at our operating sites is managed in agreement with clients and the local authorities, and operated by a combination of in-house personnel, specialist external companies, and – where necessary – public security authorities. Our security managers ensure that all staff involved in surveillance activities are aware of the Group’s policy and ethical principles, with which they must comply when conducting their tasks.