In 2014 the Group adhered to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the global organisation that measures, compares, and shares information on the environmental performance of approximately 2,000 companies around the world. This represents another important step forward in terms of environmental sustainability and transparency in communication.


Environmental footprint

The following are the main 2014 environmental data and KPIs regarding our activities. For more details please refer to Performance data.




Environmental management

Salini Impregilo manages its worldwide activities according to a structured Environmental Management system that conforms to ISO 14001 standard requirements. This table summarises the main activities carried out at each stage of the system, based on the Life Cycle approach.



Environmental protection

Salini Impregilo ensures that all its sites have monitoring, control, and mitigation measures in place to protect the environment and prevent any potential pollution. This table summarises the main activities carried out at an operating level on the principal environmental issues.



Local impact mitigation

In keeping with our consolidated approach to operating construction sites with respect to surrounding communities and habitats, we are committed to minimising disruption to neighbours near our sites regarding noise, traffic, and other community-related inconveniences.