Moreover, owing to the Group’s distinctive corporate nature and its notable geographical extension as a worldwide operator, over time we have developed a set of highly diversified and flexible engagement practices in response to our stakeholders’ greatly varying needs. At a corporate level, our key stakeholders include investors, clients, partners, governments, and media. At an operating level, our principal engagement activities relate to a given project’s features and the key stakeholders, who include partners, employees, local communities, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, clients, local authorities, and organisations such as unions and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

This approach has enabled Salini Impregilo to develop and maintain excellent relationships with all its stakeholders worldwide.  


Engagement at operating level

Confirming Salini Impregilo’s reputation is the ensemble of stakeholders who were specifically engaged in preparing the 2014 sustainability report: the consultations they carried out at project level highlighted the important role the Group plays in safeguarding the environment, creating employment, enhancing the local supply chain, and empowering local communities.

The stakeholders also recognised the Group’s commitment to maintaining high levels of communication with all parties involved in its projects. This acknowledgement is particularly important for us, since we consider it essential to our continued success: namely, the ability to pay careful need to stakeholders’ needs, and find viable solutions to meet their expectations, while maintaining the utmost transparency at all levels of our activity.

This transparency is particularly important in handling relations with the communities living in close proximity to our sites. In fact, community relations play a fundamental role in our activities, whose guiding principles include local involvement at all levels of the organisation and respect for local cultures, along with fairness and transparency.

At all stages of the realisation of an infrastructure, the Group takes the needs of people affected by the sites into account: from preliminary environmental impact studies, to construction methods that employ the best available technologies, and efforts to compensate for – or mitigate – any of the side-effects of construction activities.

Working in league with its clients, Salini Impregilo conducts extensive communications campaigns to inform the local population about each project’s progress and the execution methods employed, with the aim of stimulating shared activities with local inhabitants.

Part of the contractual agreement is to ensure that each site establishes dedicated communication channels with external stakeholders, both physical (i.e., information offices at the site and/or adjacent to it) and virtual in the form of dedicated telephone help-lines, websites, etc. These channels allow the Group to maintain direct contact with local people, providing them with information about the activities being carried out, and gathering community feedback. Comments and observations are studied by the site management, and dealt with according to specific procedures. The resulting busy schedule of activities carried out in response is evidence of the Group’s ongoing commitment:


Meetings held with local communities and their representatives

People hosted at our projects during 140 open-door events

People engaged in over 120 information campaigns about our projects