As far as possible, the Group adopts a strategy focused on engaging a local workforce in areas where projects are located. In 2014 Salini Impregilo employed a total local workforce of about 51,000 people, comprising both direct employees and subcontracted workers. 


Direct recruitment of local personnel

During the year, some 86% of our 34,100 directly-employed staff consisted of local personnel, mainly at our African operations, followed by Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America. The chart below shows the breakdown of Salini Impregilo’s total workforce by geographical region.


grafico job



In Ethiopia, our Gibe III and GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) projects employ over 13,000 direct staff, 96% of whom are from local communities. These projects have established important relationships with the local administrations, supporting them through social programmes such as the construction of new roads, water supply, schools, hospital, bridges, administrative offices, HIV and malaria prevention programmes, alongside general health assistance. These efforts markedly contribute to the social welfare and economic development of these areas.

The Group is committed to training and promoting talent among the local people in order to generate on-site management teams that can subsequently transfer their acquired expertise to others in the community.

+ 10%
Increase in the direct workforce, compared to 2013

Site managers hired locally


Indirect job creation

In addition to the direct workforce, the construction industry makes regular use of sub-contractors for certain activities, as well as other providers of services (including technicians, consultants, catering staff, etc.), which contribute significantly to the number of jobs created at the local level. In 2014 around 16,700 people were employed by our sub-contractors, and another 2,900 by related service providers, 74% of whom were hired locally.


Developing local skills and expertise

Alongside the provision of skills training, health surveillance, and high employment standards, Salini Impregilo’s job creation programme plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of local personnel, mainly in developing countries – in addition to the salaries paid and the contribution we make to local economies.

Building local employment capacity is a priority if we are to benefit from a skilled workforce for present and future projects. This input is also appreciated by local authorities and governments, given the important contribution that vocational training plays in fostering local welfare and growth.  

For further information about these issues, refer to the section “Attracting and developing talents”.

Training hours provided to direct employees


Ensuring equal rights and opportunities

Through our operations around the world we aspire to promote multicultural work environments based on equal opportunity, encouraging individual empowerment and freedom.

In accordance with its internal Code of Ethics, the Group advocates strict guidelines for the respect and safeguard of workers’ rights, and strives to prevent any form of discrimination toward individuals or groups engaged in Salini Impregilo’s projects, at all levels.

To this end, in 2014 the Group signed an International Framework Agreement with both the Italian and the International Construction Unions aimed at promoting the fundamental principles of human rights worldwide, in line with declarations ratified by the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation, and the OECD.

At all our construction sites, Salini Impregilo makes every effort to respect national and international law, ensure equal rights and fair treatment. Regulatory conditions for non-EU personnel are aligned with those for EU personnel, the key difference being that in some countries taxes and contributions are linked to the region where an individual is employed, and severance pay is not provided.

All workers at our sites have grievance mechanisms at their disposal, which enable them to communicate with management about any concerns regarding labour practices, health and safety, the environment, etc.

Regardless of local rules on minimum working age, we only hire personnel worldwide over the age of 18; to this end, each job applicant’s documents are verified to prevent any fraud.

Where applicable, the minimum salary levels are rigorously respected in all countries in which Salini Impregilo operates.

Higher entry-level wages, compared to the local minimum