Besides ensuring steady advances in the technologies of materials, components, and production processes, other factors demanding a constantly innovative approach include the ability to manage the uniqueness of each project in relation with its environmental context, gauging the right timeframe to ensure the profitability of the projects, along with ensuring the safety of personnel, local communities, and end users.

For decades Salini Impregilo has proved its commitment to developing bespoke construction solutions and high-quality project proposals. This is achieved after completing a careful analysis of the clients’ needs and an exacting study of the most relevant technological innovations applicable to the project in question. Salini Impregilo’s leadership in innovation is also maintained through an astute choice of collaborators, which is why we have fostered lasting strategic partnerships with the world’s most renowned professionals and engineering companies, as well as with the most innovative suppliers and technology developers.

These tactical elements have enabled the Group to make important tenders for international contracts awarded on the basis of strict criteria, which include not only the quality of work, realisation, running costs, and financing schemes, but also innovations introduced into the projects to improve safety and reduce environmental impact.

Thanks to the considerable range of expertise Salini Impregilo has acquired through its operations around the globe, the Group has earned a solid reputation for attaining full client satisfaction. Contributing to this success is its application of the ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System for the entire scope of the Group’s activities, from the design stage and management of works to the implementation and subsequent running of construction activities. Salini Impregilo assigns specific responsibilities and duties to expert technicians who follow the project through each stage, from the drawing board to the construction site itself, carefully orchestrating the organisational, operational, decision-making, and internal control aspects of the project.

This procedure is an integral part of the Group’s internal Quality, Safety and Environment Integrated Management System (QSE), and ensures that public works on this vast scale conform to the highest standards. The Group’s application of this Quality Management System has had considerable success, not only in meeting client expectations, but also in simplifying client audits and reducing the risk of disputes.

Individual quality control operations carried out

Meetings with clients dedicated to Quality and HSE issues