For decades now, one of the mainstays of our everyday activities is to ensure full integration of our sites with the surrounding areas, paying close attention to three key features: a deep knowledge of our territories, constant engagement practices, and commitment towards our communities. Through this threefold approach we have been able to obtain not only strong local support, but also optimum results for all concerned.


Core competencies for developing social infrastructures

Salini Impregilo consistently shows its support for communities through its promotion of a wide range of programmes and activities devised for the local population and environment.

Our strategy consists in placing the Group’s core skills and expertise at the service of our communities. In this way we intervene directly to design, build, and deliver infrastructures for the benefit of local inhabitants, deploying our skilled workforce, equipment, and sub-contractors.

This approach allows us to maintain rigorous control over each initiative’s implementation, thereby ensuring economic and technical efficiency throughout the process. It is also an excellent way to raise awareness on CSR initiatives among our employees, clients, partners, sub-contractors and local authorities.

Using this method, in recent years we have realised dozens of enhancement projects, including schools, health centres, public offices, water networks, roads, and bridges – mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

We also devise solutions for reassigning facilities after a project’s completion, ensuring that the access roads, offices, and worker housing of the site become available to the local community.

Over the period 2012–2014 we completed 54 initiatives of this kind (8 in 2014).

€2.5 million
Investments in local community initiatives


Our social programmes

Besides direct intervention in construction activities, we are also committed to supporting communities through social initiatives and programmes, carried out directly and in partnership with other organisations.

Each programme is based on a sound knowledge of the territory in question and the needs of the inhabitants, to ensure that energies are directed toward initiatives of genuine interest to communities. The Group’s management and staff are involved in formulating and structuring these programmes, and oversee all the initiatives supported.

 In certain cases, such as in rural areas not served by basic amenities, we offer local communities free access to some of our sites’ facilities, such as on-site health clinics, training rooms, water wells, roads, and bridges. This access signals an immediate improvement in the quality of life for thousands of people.

A total of 207 social programmes were carried out over the period 2012–2014 (48 in 2014).

Altogether, we contributed to the local communities through over 260 initiatives, as summarised in the table below.  

Investments in initiatives for local communities for the period 2012–2014 totalled some €8.4 million (around €2.5 million in 2014). This comprises direct costs only, and not the value created for local communities, nor the costs sustained for infrastructure developed by the Group for project-related needs (e.g. mainly roads, bridges, water wells and basins) which remain available to communities after the project has been completed.