By the end of 2014 Salini Impregilo employed 34,100 people worldwide, 44% of whom were under 30 years old. The majority of our workforce is based in Africa, followed by the Middle East and Asia, Central and South America.


“Courage at Work” recruiting campaign

In late 2014 Salini Impregilo launched a multi-year employment programme evocatively named “Courage at Work”, a scheme that embodies the Group's vision for recovery in the infrastructure industry and, in general, the economy. The programme provides for the recruitment of 15,000 individuals worldwide in the four years covered by the business plan to 2017. Of this total, 2,500 were already hired at the end of 2014.

The programme also includes a campaign to recruit 100 young students from among the top performers in the Italian Civil, Mechanical, Environmental, Electrical, and Management Engineering Faculties, by launching inter-functional career paths towards learning the skills required for future key roles within the organisation, so that the young engineers of today may become our Project Managers of tomorrow.

The programme envisages a structured induction path for the chosen 100 that will include inter-functional training on site, as well as online learning and development initiatives.

Moreover, the programme also provides for a multi-year guidance and tutoring plan for 500 talented university students in Italy and abroad every year, through an orientation, selection, and training path at the company.

Through the definition of strategic agreements with the most important Italian and international universities, Salini Impregilo aims to identify and recruit the most talented individuals in the local and international labour market, to foster their development and professional growth through the implementation of tutoring and/or curricular internship programmes for the top performers.


Staff training and development

We are firmly committed to creating a work environment that enhances individual capabilities and fosters the development of competencies and learning potential at the Company, so that each employee can fully realise his or her potential and contribute to the achievement of common goals.

We believe that a continuous training schedule is vital for our employees, and for the Group’s future. For this reason, we define and implement an annual Training Plan that consolidates and develops the corporate skills system, as part of the Group’s concerted drive for excellence in professional standards, performance, and results.

Another important factor of our corporate strategy is investing in the development of professionals at an area level, since this enables us to avail ourselves of dependable resources for projects either within the same geographical area, or wherever their skills are required.

Specialisation and skill upgrades are provided through specific training and knowledge-sharing courses held either at our construction sites or at headquarters, in which a balanced mix of young people and qualified staff ensure that the company’s expertise is transferred to the next generation of professionals.

In addition to induction training on Group policies and procedures for all new hires, each employee undergoes a training programme tailored to the tasks assigned, to develop and maximise his or her skills and abilities. In addition to traditional training systems, an e-learning programme has been launched to support personal development on specific issues of general importance, enabling us to reach out to employees around the world in a more targeted and efficient manner.

In 2014 over 705,000 hours of training were provided for Group personnel, equal to an average of approximately 21 hours per individual.

Training hours provided to direct workforce