As on other occasions in which Salini Impregilo offers its expertise to help communities affected by natural disasters, in this case we drafted a detailed design for safety measures along the river, with a voluntary investment of €0.8 million. The project consists of upgrading the riverbed and improving the hydraulic conditions of the final section nearest the city, towards the sea. This should ensure a significant increase in the capacity of the river’s outflow, especially in cases of intense precipitation and flash floods.

The work includes the demolition of existing roofed-over sections, the consolidation of the banks, the increase in the depth of the riverbed, and the reconstruction of road overpasses. The drafting of the project took four months, but its execution will take an estimated four years.

"We are a global Group, but our Italian roots compel us to provide support to the population of Genoa at this difficult time”, the Group’s CEO told during the press conference held to announce the project. “We also hope that this will help speed up the work that needs to be done. We think that being the main Group in the industry in Italy implies being willing to work together with our country when there are dramatic situations like the one Genoa and its residents are experiencing right now. Therefore, it is important that a Group like ours, which believes in this country and its ability to bounce back, asserts itself and demonstrates its active support in restoring the local territory, a preventive restoration to avoid tragedies like the recent one in Genoa and other parts of our Country from happening again.”