Salini Impregilo’s activities span the entire sequence of construction activity, from designing and planning, to building and delivering. We use the finest resources available to ensure our clients are satisfied, and to create value for all our stakeholders.

The Business Sustainability Model illustrated below comprises three key elements, by which our commitment to sustainability and our business development goals are mutually supportive.


  • Client satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Shared growth
  • Environmental protection
  • Long-lasting relations
  • Return for investors


Ensure full satisfaction for clients and investors, respecting labour standards and human rights of workforce, protecting the environment


Contribute to the economic development of territories, through job creation, vocational training, local supplies, community support and capacity building


Develop stable relationship with stakeholders, engaging them and providing prompt and accurate information


To develop construction solutions capable of enhancing communities resources and contributing to the economic and social improvement of nations



The Mission at the core of our business model – and the very principle that orients our strategic decisions and day-to-day work – is that wherever it operates the Company must make every effort to contribute to local welfare, and to that area’s social and economic development.

This principle has fostered a business culture focused on human values encouraging us to adapt our working processes in numerous and diversified environments, interpreting and meeting the expectations of local institutions, clients, and communities, and taking full account of the different cultural histories and backgrounds of our technical and operational counterparts in each new project.

At Salini Impregilo, the principle of sustainable growth is deeply embedded in the entire organisation, and represents a key element of our position on the global market, affecting the way we do business at all levels. Our Priorities focus on three main areas of commitment:

  • Maintaining performance standards – toward our investors and clients; toward our own workforce and collaborators; and toward the host environment of each operation;
  • Sharing growth – by contributing to the economic and social development of the territories in which we operate, through job creation, vocational training, local supplies and community support;
  • Transparency – at all levels in our operations to ensure mutual confidence with our stakeholders, engaging them and providing prompt and detailed information about our activities.

Implementing these commitments with due attention has enabled us to generate shared value and achieve tangible results for both the Company and our stakeholders.


Goals attained include:

  • The successful completion of complex, large-scale infrastructure projects that have met and exceeded our clients’ expectations in terms of contract schedules, technological innovation, and sustainability performance;
  • Significant contributions to the growth of local economies;
  • Ensuring strict health and safety standards in the workplace, and fostering working relationships based on mutual respect, while promoting the development of new skills for the local workforce;
  • Raising the general awareness of the environmental challenges posed by climate change and growing pollution in urban areas, while fostering the empowerment of developing territories through the introduction of environmentally-sensitive infrastructure;
  • Excellent relations with all our stakeholders, both internal and external, ensuring optimum results in each of our areas of expertise.